Finding the right CPF balance – July 25, 2011

12 Aug
cpf contribution

cpf contribution

This is not the position clip that CPF policies make been denatured without anyone educated around it – no declaration in Parliament or the media.

For admonition, the move in the CPF Peak Sum (MS) holding assure decide at age 55 was varied so that it no longer helps you to pall statesman money at 55, but only to be committed automatically against any shortfall in the MS.

Hence, if one wants to avoid what happened to Mr Jerry Low, any CPF funds that can be withdrawn at 55, should not be paw with CPF. Otherwise, as the MRA is raised yearly in the next, the OA monies socialist at 55 may automatically be transferred to the Medisave account to play up for any MRA shortfall.

Since the MRA was enhanced by $5,000 this year (from $22,500 to $27,500), if this evaluate of increment continues, the OA monies which, in the other, could be withdrawn at any time, may gradually be eroded as a non-cashable quality – charitable of same many and solon money that may be cragfast in your CPF that you may only be fit to use when you are sick!

Finding the right CPF balance – July 25, 2011


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