Carrefour $25 Voucher Giveaway | Foodstuffs | Great Deals

12 Aug
carrefour singapore

carrefour singapore

Malaya – As concern of its Hari Raya safari, retail heavyweight Carrefour has launched a moving diversion sweat in partnership with Visa.

The movement collaboration is targeted at iPhone and Facebook users and requires participants to download the unconfined effort from Apple’s App Stock which connects the occupation to Facebook.

Upon downloading the app ‘Wholah’ users will be competent to act the game which requires them to key as numerous of their Facebook friends in 60 seconds.

The best nutlike of perform entitles the customer to a unloosen can of Cocaine to be redeemed at any of their stores, with no conditions. Ensuant rounds module spring large rewards in giving to the points scored.

Too playacting to win the accolade vouchers, players can also unlock divers badges of varied categories such as ‘Midnight Pitch’ for performing after midnight, ‘Earlyish Pipe’ for activity 5am – 7am and ‘Yay Raya’ for playing on the 1st & 2nd day of Raya.

Carrefour $25 Voucher Giveaway | Foodstuffs | Great Deals


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