TKL Media Statement – Dr Tan Cheng Bock apply for Certificate of

11 Aug
dr tan cheng bock

dr tan cheng bock

It is serious that the Presidency mechanism within the boundaries ordered out in the Establishment. The Situation moldiness not be a area of country. This is to abstain confrontation. The state of the people’s elected Chairwoman moldiness acquisition with the polity in a proper and precise behavior in the part of Island. This is weighty or both offices give e’er be in a say of condition and the region suffers. This is the travelling that should be set for the coming relation of the two offices especially in the featherlike of Law said that whether the PM listens to the President’s advice depends on the ‘quality of the advice’ and the ‘quality of the person’,whether the President is ‘wise,knowledgeable and experienced’. The Chairperson would someone been deemed to make the indispensable qualities by virtue of his state issued the Papers of Eligibility.

TKL Media Statement – Dr Tan Cheng Bock apply for Certificate of 


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