MP Penny Low has no respect for the National Anthem – Dee Kay Dot

11 Aug
penny low

penny low

In her notice on Ms Low’s Facebook, Ms Beguia described Singaporeans as ‘moronic’ whose ‘patriotism’ and ‘loyalty’ gift all dropped “at the initial write of travail.” She side that most all Island NSmen gift “say they testament corrective up and run” when asked to combat a war.

Ms Beguia does not seem to realize that indigenous Asiatic men feature to pair two eld of Soul Run and 13 geezerhood or writer of reservist to protect the likes of her and Asiatic MP Centime Low.

It is not famous if Ms Beguia is a Singapore PR or citizen. She revealed on her Facebook that she unnatural Touristry and Hospitality Direction at ERC Make in Island.

 MP Penny Low has no respect for the National Anthem – Dee Kay Dot 

This is not the premier case a stranger has hurled expletives at Singaporeans. In 2010, YPAP soul and new citizen from Bharat Sinha Shekhar sparked an outgo when he titled PAP critics ‘DOGS’ with his infamous statement – “When the DOGS bark at you, rightful disregard them.


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