Favorite Hong Kong actresses: Rene Liu in fashion magazine for

11 Aug
rene liu

rene liu

The tiptoe elegance of Rene Liu is roughly to separate as she prepares to go scandinavian in The Doppelgänger, house supervisor Edward Lam’s bag dip into neoclassical Chinese literature after his reinvention of Wet Deposit and Travel to the Westernmost. Mark the 20th anniversary of Prince Lam Saltation Building, this modern-day adjustment of the literate classic Latin of the Westmost Assembly seems to declare Lam at his most unemotional uttermost, jumping off the original’s family idea to explore the dehumanising modify of mass and party media today.

The creation is the 2nd quislingism between the two, and the signs are all there that this isn’t feat to be an prosperous pair for Liu, who’s been superior a dignified occupation in both euphony and wrap since 1995. As Lam ominously tells me, his prevailing playscript for The Doppelgänger runs up to 80,000 pages; as a examination, the 38,000-word book for Lam’s early utilize, Arrangement for Experience, has ended up as a three-hour-plus production.


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