Anna Hazare visits on the sets of Sregana Lilchamp | Adnan Sami

11 Aug
anna hazare

anna hazare

Anna Hazare today alleged he is beingness targeted by the Governance, claiming his records in the Gray were beingness chequered and people sent to his community in Maharashtra to defend on his disposal.
“I have not done anything deplorable throughout my aliveness,” Hazare said.
The 74-year-old Gandhian said he was firm on his selection to go on an unclear prompt in Metropolis from Noble 16 for a ironlike Lokpal Account to gear corruption.
The anti-corruption crusader was talking to newsmen at two part events organised by the Bombay Mould Order and Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh.
“They( Governing) know transmitted fill to hitch my records in the Service. They requisite to see if they can comprehend something during my maintenance period. I know not through anything immoral throughout my life,” he said. Hazare served as a jawan in the Army for 15 life.

Anna Hazare visits on the sets of Sregana Lilchamp | Adnan Sami


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